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Comparison of powder extraction rate between traditional Chinese medicine extract and high speed spray dryer

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Key word:Comparison of powder extraction rate between traditional Chinese medicine extract and high speed spray dryer
ZPG Chinese medicine extract spray dryer is a special spray dryer. The Chinese medicine extract high-speed centrifugal spray device is the application of centrifugal spray drying technology in the drying of specific materials. It also uses high-speed centrifugal atomizer to disperse the material into a mist. It is fully contacted with hot air to complete the drying process to form a drying device for the powdered product.

ZPG Chinese medicine extract special dryer is a spray dryer specially used to solve traditional Chinese medicine extracts and plant extracts. The special dryer for Chinese medicine extract solves the following situations in the drying of traditional Chinese medicine extracts in the original LPG high-speed spray dryer:

When the liquid material (filtered liquid material) is sent to the high-speed rotating centrifugal atomizing disk, the liquid material is stretched into a film on the rotating surface by the centrifugal force of the rotating disk and continuously moves to the edge, thereby causing the material to stick to the wall, and the powder collecting rate. Will be low.

When it leaves the edge, it is atomized. After the atomization, the droplets (the surface area is greatly increased) exchange heat with the hot air, and the drying process is completed quickly within 10-30 seconds. If the material stays on the wall for a long time, the material is produced. Coking metamorphism is difficult to clean and does not meet GMP requirements.

In summary, this will result in low yields, such as the LPG-150 spray dryer, which can only process 50-60 kg/h of feed. The special dryer for ZPG Chinese medicine extract is fully enclosed. All parts are made of stainless steel and equipped with a three-stage purification device. The filtered air reaches the requirements of 100,000. The simplified and top part is equipped with a cold wall device, so that the temperature of the tower wall is
lower than the temperature of the gas in the tower to about 10 °C, and the material stays on the wall without coking and metamorphism, which greatly increases the powder collection rate and does not cause sticking.

In view of the above situation, our factory designed a new Chinese medicine extract spray dryer according to the material properties and process requirements of traditional Chinese medicine extract. The color of the dried material is good and does not deteriorate, which greatly improves the economic benefits of the drying equipment manufacturers.

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