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  • WFJ Micro Grinder
  • WFJ Micro Grinder

WFJ Micro Grinder

Key word:Micro Grinder
Classification:Crushing equipment series
Product overview:The equipment consists of main machine, assistant machine and control cabinet.The process of produce is continuous.The machine is extensively used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industries for pulverizing dry brittle materials .
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The grinder consists of main machine, assistant machine, and control cabinet. The process of produce is continuous. The machine is widely used for the fragile materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries.

Technical Parameter

Spec Unit WFJ-15 WFJ-18 WFJ-32
Production capacity kg/h 10-200 20-450 60-800
Inlet material diamenter mm <10 <10 <15
Oulet material diamenter mesh 80-320 80-450 80-450
Power kw 13.5 17.5 46
Main rotaing speed r/min 3800-6000 3800-6000 3800-4000
Overall dimension(L×W×H) mm 4200×1200×2700 4700×1200×2900 9000×1500×3800
Weight kg 850 980 1500
  • WFJ Micro Grinder
  • WFJ Micro Grinder
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